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Sales Tax Consultants of Texas, Inc. Experienced in Texas State Sales Tax Sales and Use Tax training, Texas aircraft exemptions, Texas airplane jurisdictional policies, Voluntary Disclosure Agreements, Texas electricity predominant use studies, contesting liability audits (including Texas landscaping audits, Texas contractor audits) Texas sales and use tax complex manufacturing and processing exemptions polices, homeowner's associations exemptions, and the qualification of manufacturing electricity consumption. Our experience is in the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Texas sales and use tax statutes and policies. We prepare our own Texas electricity predominant use studies be it in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth or elsewhere in Texas.

Audit procedures relating to Texas convenience stores audits are unique from any other liability auditing procedures invoked during field auditing by The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts field auditors. We are experiences in analyzing Texas convenience store liability audit findings/results.

  • Texas Convenience Store Audit Taxability
  • Texas Convenience Store Audit Liability Resolutions
  • Texas Convenience Store Audit Procedures

This experience in Texas convenience store auditing and analysis having been acquired during over 30 years of Texas taxes auditing and consulting experience as a former field auditor; consulting relative to Texas convenience store liability audit resolutions and as a convenience store “contractor auditor” for the State of Texas supplementing the state’s field auditor employee force. Texas Convenience store audits, Texas Convenience store audit liability analysis, Texas convenience store audit markup procedures, Texas Convenience store sampling procedures, and other integral procedures mandated in the analysis of Texas convenience store liability assessments. We will also examine the state’s application of penalties, including the fraud penalty assessments relative the consistency of their administration under the given circumstances relating to the targeted audits under our examination/review.

Our company is an experienced professional organization contracting in the areas of Texas sales tax liability audit resolutions assistance. Recoveries of overpaid Texas sales and use taxes paid in error to vendors or the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Sales Tax Consultants of Texas, Inc. has assimilated experience in varied manufacturing processes including Texas sales and use tax issues in the areas of oil and gas processing and refining, extrusion processes, and other complex manufacturing techniques and processes. Our knowledge of oil and gas exploration and production services includes: the initial drilling process, required completion services, qualifying work over downhole activities and the all-important packaging of “stimulation activities” to comply with Texas sales and use tax downhole services exemption provisions. We are experienced in this requisite packaging and the justification requirements to comply with the Texas Comptroller Public Accounts required documentation in the area of downhole services “associated” and “necessary” do comply with the Texas Comptroller’s stipulations. We will package our contentions relative to the provisions “to increase production, stimulation” and the relevant exemption statutes. We can do this s through our experienced “packaging” of site specific services as mandated by the Texas Comptroller or Public Accounts oilfield services Texas sales and use tax provisions.

Texas Sales and Use Tax Consultants is knowledgeable of the complex exemptions allowed by the State of Texas sales and use tax statutes. Experienced in the requisite documentation processes required to lawfully exercise these exemptions.

We can also assist your company in the preparation, presentation and negotiations relative to the Texas Comptroller provisions relating to Voluntary Disclosure Agreements. We will, under our own letterhead, initiate the Voluntary Disclosure agreement process on your behalf. Discuss, negotiate, confirm your qualifications. Discuss with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts allowances and waiver of penalties and interest prior to your formal filing. Also, we will present the relevant data included in the Voluntary Disclosure Agreement to the examining agent. Be the liaison between the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and your entity.

We will present and represent your interests before the Business Activity Research Team (BART) relative any proposed levy of Texas sales and use taxes on your purchase of aircraft at issue in Texas . We will go before the hearing agents, contest the proposed Texas sales and use tax levy. We will present the required documentation relative to your aircraft’s exempt status as a certified common carrier.

Our approach to Texas State Sales Tax problem solving is conscientious and professional. Our strength is our resolve and our professionalism. Our established channels of communications to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts facilitates our tasks.

Our audit resolution and tax recovery experience will serve as a tremendous asset in your corporation's efforts to reduce audit liability assessments and lower penalty and interest due the State of Texas.

Texas Manufacturing Electricity-Predominant Use Study of Electricity within Manufacturing Process

An engineered study of electricity consumption is required in Texas in order to claim exemption relative to that electricity consumed within the manufacturing process.

Our certified, experienced and bonded engineer ($1,000,000.00) will examine consumption of electricity at your manufacturing locations. A formal certified report will be completed based on the allowable predominant use of manufacturing electricity exemptions. We will process the completed study and commence refunding procedures to reclaim monies paid in error per the predominant use study findings in our completed report.

Building a new facility? We can build our predominant use study examination as your plant goes up to prevent or reduce lag times, unnecessary tax payments.

Fee packages are available in hourly, contingency and hybrid packages. We offer customized fee packages. We will be hard to beat.

Confidentiality: All information is handled with utmost concern relative to security and confidentiality.